The world is divided into "zones", each one of which defines a certain area and has its own unique feel. Some equipment can only be found in certain zones, while other comes from the "global equipment table". In the world of the Last Outpost, there are "outdoor" and "indoor" zones, with many large connecting zones. If you've ever played "Ultima" or another "map with dungeons" style game, it's very similar.

The zones are listed below in the rough order of the difficulty of the hardest mob in the zone. However, some zones have much smaller mobs and are appropriate for adventuring by players significantly smaller than the order might imply. For example, The Haunted Manor has some very difficult mobs, but a level 5 player could actually start to explore and find many worthy targets.

Zone List

Name Levels Claim Comments
The Last Outpost All Annex Home sweet home
The Clanhouses Annex
The Grassland 1-4 Annex The first place you see when you leave town
The Farmland 2-5 Conquer Watch what you step in
The Cart Path All Annex Leads north to nowhere
The Deep Pit 3-6 Conquer Leads down to Trogs and Hell
The Tide Pools 2-8 Conquer
The Northwestern Woods Secure
The Northern Woods 2-5 Secure
The Central Woods Secure
Under the Grasslands Conquer
The Kobold Fortress Conquer They can really pile up…
The Overgrown Grasslands Conquer
The Southern Woods 3-5 Secure
The Maze Secure
The Orcish Lair Conquer
The Trog Perimeter 5-10 Conquer
The Haunted Manor 4-12 Conquer Prepare to be cast at
The Wasp Nest Secure
The Sod House Conquer
The Swamp 5-10 Secure Don't get stuck in the muck
Southern Woods Secure
The Treetops Secure Lots of adventure up in the canopy
The Pine Forest Secure
The Ocean Secure
The Trog Fortress Conquer
The High Cliff Face Secure Steep climb, but not too long
The Foothills Secure
The Mesa Cliff Face Secure
The Shroom Caves Secure
The Canymugs Lair Conquer
Druidia Conquer
The Low Mesa Secure
The Hill Giant Village Conquer
The Bosun's Wife Conquer
Above The Treetops Secure
The High Mesa Secure
The Dopsodod Caves Secure
The Marek Mountains Secure
The Kaijans Cottage Conquer
The Temple of the Fly Conquer
The Desert Secure
The Steppes Secure
The Fodderminder Pit Conquer
The Lost Outpost Conquer
Dreamland Conquer
Tower Lake Conquer Big zone full of nasty versions of mobs
The Ledge Secure
The Malak Highlands Conquer
The Burial Cliff Conquer
The Gnomish City Conquer
The Castle In The Clouds Secure
Flandellyn's Keep Annex
The Fires Of Doom Conquer
Old Forest Conquer
The Delta Secure
The Castle In The Clouds II Secure
Spider Cave Conquer
The Archmage's Dark Tower Conquer
Flandellyn's Fasthold Annex Home away from home
The Jungle Conquer
The High Cliffs Conquer
The Zodiac Secure
Flood Plains and Wasteland Conquer
Pasture Conquer
Darken Wood 60-80 (combined) Conquer
The Greater Zodiac Conquer
The Elemental Temple Secure
The Beaten Path 40-80 Conquer
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