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This unofficial space is to share knowledge about the Last Outpost MUD, one of the most innovative and longest-running MUDs in the world. The Last Outpost codebase was originally based on DikuMUD, but has been under constant development since its debut in 1991, and is currently several times the size of the original. All zones are original to the Last Outpost, so if you're looking for Midgaard, The Shire, or Moria, look elsewhere.


There are five playable races (Human, Elf, Gnome, Dwarf, and Ogre) and four classes (Warrior, Mage, Cleric, and Thief). You can gain up to 20 levels in all classes, but they are easiest in your main. There are many skills for each class in which you begin training in your guild but must perfect (and maintain) through regular use. Your main class's skills will be easiest to acquire and you'll be able to retain more skills at once without the lesser-used ones fading away into memory. Based on various actions you take in the world, you can also earn various achievements which give you the ability to use certain official titles.

The World

There are currently about 70 zones that make up the world, with the most recent being added in 2020. Each zone has a unique feel to it, but are tied together into a coherent world with large "outdoors" areas connecting many dungeons, castles, towers, mazes, and lost towns. Some items are specific to certain zones, while others can pop anywhere in the world. Zones can be "claimed" by clans according to the rules of the zone, and once claimed can be made either PK or non-PK. Thus, the world can be shaped by the players into the type of MUD they would like to play on. A clan claiming all other zones can then claim the Last Outpost itself. Very few have ever accomplished this.

The Community 

Since the Last Outpost is over 25 years old, there is a lot of expertise out there and old-timers who can help you out. You never know whether the 5th level mage you're running with is the alternate character of a current or former clan leader. The most common way to communicate is via the "gossip" channel, so don't be shy about using it to try to get help.


Here are a few guides assembles from sages and gurus

  • First Login
  • Newbie Guide
  • Leveling Up
  • Pets
  • How to Fight
  • Playing in Groups
  • Aliases, Hotkeys, and Common Commands
  • Class Guides
  • Remort - What to do when you've got it all
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