How Skills Work

If you've ever played a MUD before, skills in LO work a little differently than in most.

You can learn skills in all classes, but your "main" class will be easiest. When you first get a level, skills can only be "practiced" up to "good" for main-class skills and "poor" for non-main classes. (As you gain levels beyond the one that initially gives you a non-main class skill, you can practice it higher.) And the highest you can ever practice anything is "good"… But skills go up to "Superb". The only way to improve beyond what you learn in your guild is to actually use the skills. Oft-used skills improve, while rarely-used ones will decline.

Type "skills <class>" (such as "skills mage") to get a list of all the skills that class can ever learn. Type "practice" (such as "pr mage") to see what you've learned so far and how well.

At the top of the practice command output, you'll see how well you know the skills in your class. If you see "You're ready to learn more!" it means you'll retain everything you know and could still learn more. If you see "You have an excellent grasp of these skills." it means unused skills will decline extremely slowly. The less you know your skills, the faster they'll decline and the less benefit you'll get out of using your skills. It's your choice if you want to be mediocre at many skills or elite at a few.


These are the skills that can be learned from the Mage guild

Level Skill Description
1 magic missile Cast a blast of magic at your opponent
1 drain vigor light Refresh your movement at another's expense
3 chill touch Sap strength at the touch of a finger
3 detect magic Tune in to magical auras
3 farsee See into a room without entering it
3 drain vigor serious Refresh your movement at another's expense
4 detect invisibility See the un-seeable
4 invisibility Go about un-seen
4 vitality Lose that unhealthy mage pallor
4 dispel invisible Expose the un-seeable
5 burning hands Forceful fingers of fire
5 translook Cast your sights within the zone
5 drain vigor critic Refresh your movement at another's expense
6 locate object Find the things you need
7 shocking grasp Master the electric touch
7 strength Get buff the easy way
7 meteorswarm Summon stones from the sky
7 dexterity Move with swan-like grace
8 teleport For when your favorite place is elsewhere
8 minor creation Sometimes you need a cup
9 lightning bolt Show off your electric personality
10 control weather Everyone talks about the weather…
10 teleimage Spy on a distant mark
10 nosleep Be the life of the party
10 calm Soothe the savage beast
10 fury Motivate the meek attacker
11 colour spray Wield a rainbow of force
11 haste Flail faster in a fray
11 confusion Muddle a mind
12 enchant weapon Everything is better with a little magic
12 nocharm Keep from being duped
13 energy drain Deplete the mana of your enemy
13 sleep End the party early
13 sunray Learn to harness solar energy
14 charm person Win friends and influence people
14 transmove Move to someone in the zone
14 stoneskin Make your body as hard as your heart
15 fireball Cast an incendiary blast
16 invulnerability Reduce your susceptibility to magic
16 telelook Cast your sights across the world
17 shriek Throw a shrieking jet of flame
17 telemove Move to anyone in the world
18 metalskin Beware of sudden rain storms
19 mind thrust Induce skull crushing pressure
20 mage fire A superlative fire attack


These are skills that can be learned from the Warrior guild

Level Skill Description
0 slashing proficiency Basic swordsmanship
0 pounding proficiency Blunt weapons
0 piercing proficiency Daggers and stabbing
0 cleaving proficiency Heavy weapons
1 kick Deliver a boot to the head
1 bash Knock 'em off their feet
3 rescue Save the weak and savor the glory
3 charge Leap to the head of the fray
4 blocking proficiency Shield mastery
5 flanking Take 'em all on at once
7 dismemberment Maim your opponent
10 repair Fix damaged equipment
14 evisceration Tear their hearts out
20 decapitation A spectacular way to end a fight


These are skills that can be learned from the Cleric guild

Level Skill Description
1 armor Be protected by your faith
1 cure light Heal small injuries
1 faerie fire Outline your target
2 create water Never go thirsty again
2 detect poison No need to taste it first
2 cause light Re-open wounds from a distance
3 create food Never go hungry again
3 vigorize light Move farther without resting
4 cure blind Restore vision to the sightless
4 detect evil Tune in to darkness
4 wrath hammer Burn with holy fervor
5 bless Sanctify people and equipment
5 cure serious Patch larger injuries
5 temporary light Summon the aura of the gods
6 blindness Summon a flash of holy brightness
6 cause serious Re-open large wounds from a distance
6 clarity Salvation for the drunkard
6 divine object Find objects through divine providence
7 earthquake Shake the foundations of faith
7 sense life Search for souls
7 nosummon Remain grounded in faith
7 haven Pray at the nearest altar
8 poison Spoil with injurious toxicants
8 summon Call the ungrounded to task
8 cure paralysis Restore mobility to the frozen
8 redemption Give the dead a chance to make amends
9 cure critic Stitch gaping wounds
9 remove poison Nullify injurious toxicants
9 fear Force a crisis of confidence
10 dispel evil Make evil souls hurt and suffer
10 vigorize serious Move farther without resting
10 dispel good Make good souls hurt and suffer
10 cause critical Re-open long healed wounds from a distance
11 word of recall There is no place like home
11 firestorm Ignite the room with holy fire
11 flamestrike Direct a blast of holy fire
12 call lightning Summon a force of nature
12 remove curse Remove the stigma from an object
12 equilibrium Walk through fire and ice
12 age Often with age comes wisdom
12 freeze Summon the force of a winter storm
13 sanctuary Shelter from danger and hardship
13 continual light Summon the aura of the gods
14 heal Cure the mangled and maimed
14 rejuvenate Sooth the sufferings of old age
14 heroism A hero knows no fear
15 harm Summon the ire of the gods
15 vigorize critic Move farther without resting
18 ice lance Summon a blast of ice
19 vampiric touch Channel the evil of Set
20 full harm Summon the wrath of the gods


These are skills that can be learned from the Thieves guild

Level Skill Description
1 sneak Walk undetected, leave few tracks
2 orienteering Find zones through landmarks
3 pick Open a door without having the key
3 listen The secret to good conversation
4 steal Lift items from your mark
5 backstab A dagger can be your best friend
6 climb Master rough terrain
7 track Follow from a distance
8 hide Hide in plain sight
8 swim Don't wait for your ship to come in
9 escape plan Make a hasty retreat when attacked
10 second backstab You can always use another friend
11 coldcock Sometimes they're asking for it
12 cache Hide treasure for later
13 dodge Duck the deadliest damage
15 double attack Fight with both hands
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