A "remort" is something you can do when you've achieved every possible level. Basically, you sacrifice your life in a quest and are reborn (rerolled) into a new body. You retain your equipment, but lose all levels and skills. Each remort gives you an additional +1 to a stat, in the order you select them. So on the third remort, if you select DCWIS as your stat order you'll get +1 dex, con, and wis.

The Quest

When you remort, you must accomplish a quest to prove you are worthy.


  • First you talk to Kaijan
  • Next, sleep in an appropriate spot [You can probably figure out where Kaijan wants you to sleep]
  • The next step is vague. You have to find a mob in Dreamland to talk to. [Hint: The mob in question is often on the western side of the central garden]
  • Now you have to find your priest. [The comment about grain refers to alcohol production. There is one place in the world with extensive rooms for this…]
  • Then jump from a tower. [Find a yellowed scroll]

The Preparation

BEFORE finishing the quest, be sure to get prepared.

  • A stack of 10 weapons of the appropriate type in your clan store room, all enchanted and UNALIGNED (it’s hard to control your alignment for awhile as a remort, and I’d been enchanting everything evil).
  • A pile of 20 feather dusters, fireball wands, or lightning wands.
  • A full replacement set of armor. My breastplate broke like 15 minutes after a remort.

Welcome to Newb-land

  • Kill some herds. Should be no problem with your equip.
  • After level 3 or so, start using wands to finish off city guards. If you need a nice mob in the wild, go to the Haunted Manor and fight bound spirits.
  • Focus on your main levels, but get warrior 2-3 and a couple cleric levels. For warrior, focus on your primary weapon and "bash". For cleric, get "armor" as soon as possible— it's the single biggest bang for the buck spell in the game.
  • If you've got some friends to help, after level 5 have them drag you to the hill giant village with the wands. You have to have enough hp to last a couple rounds.
  • If anyone is heading to castle, get invisible and tag along. Castle has nothing aggressive that can see through invis.
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