There are six playable races in the Last Outpost.


"Average in all respects." Makes a reasonable beginner's choice. Won't be terrible at anything.


"Hearty and wise, but a bit clumsy." Dwarves make excellent clerics and good warriors. As for a thief, well, best leave the thieving to others.


"Crafty and bright, but frail." Elves make good mages and <span>thieves, and </span>reasonable clerics. They have very few hit points, so are not great tanks, which is usually what is expected of a warrior.


"Smart and wise, but small and clumsy." Gnomes are great casters. They have tons of mana, and good intelligence and wisdom. They make terrible warriors or thieves, with lower than average hit points and the dexterity of an ox.


"Very crafty, but small and unwise." The prototypical thief. Can also be mages. Avoid clerics and warriors.


"Big, tough, and stupid." The prototypical warrior, although their strength can do wonders with backstabs as a higher level thief. They have very little mana, so avoid the caster classes.

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